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We’re Creating a Community of Wellness

Because achieving a healthier lifestyle is much more enjoyable with a solid support system. We welcome you to join us in our journey toward wellness.


About DR1224

DR1224 is a content rich and strategic wellness essentials hub that aims to bring all stakeholders/players together within a single platform. The idea is to utilize the power of social media, technological advancement, and globalization in redefining the approaches towards health and wellness awareness, education, and practices.

DR1224 aims to be the “Daily Ritual“ (around the clock, or 12/24) information sharing platform for an active health and wellness community. We believe in creating balance and restoring value in every aspect of life throughout the daily cycle of an individual. The platform aims to connect and unite the health and wellness community through the exchange of meaningful ideas, opinions, knowledge, expertise and cultural wealth, through sharing of inspiring stories and experiences, and through participation in events and engagement in forums that serve to enhance the overall life quality and well-being.



DR1224 aims to be the “Daily Ritual“ information sharing center for a healthy community.



DR1224 members offer unique and valuable perspectives, and we encourage such contributions.



We welcome anyone to join, from individuals, innovators, educators, the scientific community, and more.



We believe by combining efforts from all stakeholders, we can achieve an enriching lifestyle.



You’ve already taken the first step towards achieving a sustainable, healthier, and happier lifestyle.

Let’s Work Together to Unleash Our True Potential

We believe in creating balance and restoring value in every aspect of your life. Join us today.

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