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10 Strategies on How to be Truly Happy

You can’t become happy. Why? This is because happiness isn’t a finite state of being. In fact, happiness is a process. Each new day, you try to get happier. Just take a look at it from another angle.

Happiness should not be your end goal. Instead, it should be your habit.

The good news is that everyone, including you, can develop this habit of being happy. It’s doable. It’s like a skill and every skill can be developed provided you work on it. Below are some tips to help you get started.

  1. To become happier, you should start small by being proactive and making progress gradually.

  2. You can plan a vacation to recharge your batteries.

  3. If you are not physically or mentally fit, you can’t be happy. So, make it a habit to exercise regularly and sleep well.

  4. Don’t compare yourself to others.

  5. It’s a good idea to keep in touch with your mentors.

  6. Meditation is a good way of training your brain to get happier.

  7. Don’t live in the past. You are in the present so live in the present.

  8. Look for something that you love and make friends with people who have similar interests or hobbies.

  9. If you don’t love your current job, look for another one.

  10. At the start of each day, visualize that this is a beautiful day. This will change your mood for the better. So, you should make a resolution and lead a happy life. Remember: you have got only one life and you don’t want to spend it in the abyss of sadness.

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