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4 Common Meditation Mistakes

If you have been banging your head against a wall in frustration, you need to meditate. But wait! You should be aware of the common meditation mistakes so you know you are heading in the right direction. Let’s find out what mistakes we all should avoid before starting out.

1. Not embracing distractions It’s better to meditate in a room with pin drop silence but know that there will always be something happening around that will bother you. Remember: embracing distractions is one of the important parts of meditation. In fact, the core purpose of the practice is to observe distractions rather than get carried away by them. 2. Meditating with external aids only Using external aids, such as meditation music and meditation apps is a good idea, but don’t just rely on them. Meditation helps you to deal with your inner thoughts on your own so you can get a deeper insight and wisdom. Spend some time to ditch the external aids and mediate with just your mind and body. 3. Doing the wrong meditation If you have a certain condition, such as stuffy nose, don’t meditate unless you get better. Fighting discomfort is not helpful or healthy. So, consider your situation before doing meditation.

4. Not Trying other types of meditation Don’t just stick to a single meditation technique that your grand father taught you. Give a go to other techniques as well , such as mantra mediation, walking meditations, visualization meditations and contemplation meditations, to name a few. You can’t know which ones may work for you unless you try them one by one. So, avoid these mistakes, get to work and come back to start a new journey of meditation to rejuvenate your life.

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