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4 Solutions to Help You Defeat Allergies, Once and For All

Every year, many of us deal with allergies that seem to get worse and worse over time. It can get so meddlesome that we reach a breaking point, in which we go out of our ways to actively search for relief. If you’ve reached that breaking point, you are not alone. Luckily, there are many proven solutions out there to help reduce the symptoms of allergies. Here are four proven solutions that can reduce your symptoms of allergies.

Start Your Medication Early

Many of us have experience taking Antihistamines to help reduce the symptoms of allergies. What many of us fail to do, however, is to take our Antihistamines before our allergy symptoms start in the first place. Doctors suggest that we take our allergy medication at least half an hour before venturing in the outdoors. This can help us build a tolerance to allergies before exposing ourselves in the first place.

Steam, Steam, Steam

The purpose of steam is to help water down the excess mucus in our sinuses. That’s why you may find temporary relief after a hot shower or warm bath. Investing in a humidifier may just be what saves you from all of the sneezing and watery eyes you’re used to every year. In this sense, a little bit of investment goes a long way. Focus on clearing your sinuses and maintaining open airways to further alleviate your senses.

Keep it Clean

A few common causes of allergies includes dust and pollen. Dust and pollen particles can accumulate in your house every time you open a window or step outside. You even bring these particles in the house with you, so be wary of that. A great way to cleanse your household of these allergy causing nuisances is to clean regularly. Wipe off surfaces and vacuum your floor, especially carpet where dust and pollen tend to accumulate.

Ask Your Doctor

If you find that none of the tips you’re using to alleviate your allergies are working, you may want to ask your doctor about your symptoms. It is within your best interest to weed out any other potential causes for your symptoms, including infections or other related causes. If you are experiencing any trouble breathing, that is a sign that you should seek an appointment with your doctor immediately.

All in all, allergies can be a life changing nuisance if we allow them to be. We do have a say in how much allergies affect our day-to-day life. All it takes is a little extra attention and maintenance to stay relatively unphased. There are several ways in which we can achieve relief from allergies, so if there are any other tips you’d like to provide, I sure would love to hear them!

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