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5 Common Misconceptions About Food Safety

There are some food safety parameters in every culture. And then are some misconceptions that become so common that they are taken just like facts. People want to make sure they are eating healthy, but with these misconceptions on their minds, they end up doing more harm than good to themselves. Let’s bust a few most common food safety misconceptions.

Refrigerating Eggs People in the USA tend to keep eggs in their refrigerators so that they last longer, but there is no scientific evidence to support this idea. Wearing gloves At many restaurants, chefs are made to put on gloves so that they don’t give others food poisoning. However, many chefs reported that they saw people in the kitchen scratching their body with gloves on, and they don’t even wash their hands or take off gloves afterwards. So, this type of protection makes no sense. Using a wooden cutting board Contrary to popular beliefs, wooden cutting boards can trap more bacteria than other types of cutting boards. They trap bacteria a lot longer before they die.

Misting Machines Supermarkets use misting machines to sprinkle water on fruits and vegetables so that they remain clean and safe from germs. However, this practice may spread diseases instead if the machines are cleaned on a regular basis. Microwaves To Kill Bacteria The function of a microwave is to heat up food, not kill bacteria. So, just use the machine to heat up your food. So, you should do your research before believing in any of misconceptions or myths.

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