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5 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Meditation

In the United States, meditation is now recognized as a scientifically-proven means of improving the overall health of patients as well as the well-being of those who don’t have any major health condition. Mediation offers tons of benefits. Some of physical benefits are given below.

1.) Boosts the Immune System With meditation, your immune system gets stronger. As a result, your body can fight infections, viruses, funguses and bacteria keeping you healthy. 2.) Improves Sleep Quality Due to today’s busy lifestyle, most people in the US don’t get enough sleep and many of them suffer from sleep disorders. With regular meditation, your mind will calm down and you will get sound sleep. 3.) Lowers Blood Pressure Levels A research study done at Clemson University found that meditation helped reduce both systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.

4.) Helps Treat Chronic Pain According to a research done by researchers at Wake Forest University, participants felt 40% less pain after meditation than the pain they felt before doing meditation. The pain intensity was measured using MRI brain scans. 5.) Increases Energy Levels Many research studies have found that meditation helps reduce fatigue caused by stress at work and boosts energy levels, according to Dr Charles Elder of Kaiser Permanente Medical Groups. If you want to enjoy all these amazing physical health benefits, make sure you meditate on a daily basis.

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