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5 Simple Ways to Save Money in 2018

New Year starts with new hopes, new dreams and new resolutions. This short article is specifically for those who want to avoid being spendthrifts this year and save some cash for a rainy day. So, let’s get to the point.

1. Use a Piggy Bank Putting a few bucks in a piggy bank each day can get you a considerable amount of money at the end of each year. And you can use this money to fund a saving account or buy something that you really need. 2. Use open source apps Instead of spending a lot of money on paid apps, you should do with open-source software, such as OpenOffice and Chrome browser. 3. Get Cash Back Buying online is a great means of getting cash back. You can use many sites, such as to buy stuff online and get some cash back on your hard-earned money.

4. Install CFL bulbs You may want to replace regular bulbs with Compact Florescent Lamps in your house as they can save you plenty of money over the long haul. 5. Do a spending review At the end of each month, make it a habit to review how much you spent each month on each item on your purchase list. After strict review, you should eliminate items that are not necessary but cost you a lot of money. These tips have worked for many and they may work for you too. So, Give the a go this year and save some money for a rainy day.

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