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5 Ways to Expand your Social Circle

We all want a wide social circle. If you are bored or you are looking for more friends, the following tips can help you.

Show interest in other people An easy way of making more friends is to care about the people around you. Whenever you get to see a new person, ask thoughtful questions to know more about them. Be Positive and Down-to-Earth If you are upbeat, most people will like you. Even if you are going through bad days, put it in perspective and then move on. You should be a real down to earth and positive person, and this will make people around you feel better and they will be more likely to make friends with you. Stop the Gossip Don’t talk about people behind their backs. Gossiping is an effective way if you want to ruin your friendships. So, stop the gossip for good.

Get to Know Your Coworkers Find out more about your colleagues. It take some time to make friends with your co-workers and colleagues, but this can be easier than finding new people and trying to make friends with. Argue In a Respectful Way You should learn to argue respectfully. Your way you argue should not damage your friendship, and this will help you maintain your friendship. Making friends and sitting with them when you are not feeling good is a great way of changing you mood for the better. So, use these tips to expand your circle of good friends.

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