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7 Ways To Avoid 7 Common Chronic Diseases

After a few decades, life expectancy will rise as most of today’s major illnesses will be preventable at their early stages, according to scientists. However, the bad news is that most of people over the age of 65 will live with at least one chronic condition.

Seven (7) of the major diseases and conditions are listed below: 1. Arthritis 2. Cancer 3. COPD 4. Diabetes 5. Heart Disease 6. Obesity 7. Stroke If you want to keep these conditions at arm’s length, below are 7 ways to avoid them and lead a healthy life. 1. Drop the Junk Food With very little amount of nutrients, junk food is full of calories and may cause obesity , high insulin levels and high blood pressure. 2. Exercise Regular exercise can help you normalize blood sugar level, control weight, reduce pain and increase muscle strength. 3. Improve Brain Health To keep your brain healthy, make sure you stay mentally active, eat a healthy diet, stay in touch with your friends, get enough sleep and cope with stress. 4. Improve bone health Avoid habits that are damaging to your bones, such as cold drinks, excessive alcohol and smoking. Besides, you should do jogging, walking, and swimming for at least 30 minutes per day for better bone health.

5. Avoid Misery Whatever happens, don’t let the stress overtake you. In times of crisis, don’t leave your family or friends alone and help them. If possible, get out more and simplify your life. 6. Reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels To keep a check on your blood pressure and cholesterol level, make it a habit to eat less sodium, more fiber and fruit/vegetables. 7. Avoid Chemical Contact If possible, try your level best to keep yourself safe from carcinogens and chemicals that may disrupt your immune system. Ideally, you should drink a lot of filtered water and avoid processed meats. Don’t keep your smartphone near your head when hitting the bed. It should be a few meters away from your head. So, if you want to stay healthy, make sure you follow the 7 tips given in this article.

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