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9 Fun Facts About Exercise

If you are not motivated enough to exercise on a routine basis, below are 10 fun facts about exercising that may give you a boost.

1. Listening to your favorite music while working out can help you perform better.

2. Cardiovascular exercise helps your brain generate fresh shells, which helps you become more active.

3. Regular workouts help you sharpen your memory by generating new cells.

4. If you run at a speed of 10 minutes per mile, you can burn around 104.3 calories.

5. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn even after you sit down to rest after exercise.

6. Exercise three times per week for half an hour can help you prevent signs of aging.

7. If you exercise regularly, your immunity will get stronger.

8. Regular workouts boost the release of endorphins in your body increasing your productivity.

9. When you exercise, sweat comes out through the pores reducing your chance of acne and breakouts. Hopefully, these fun facts will give you the motivation you need to keep doing your workouts for better health.

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