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Anxiety and It's Effects on Your Mental and Physical Health

Before you start reading you should know why this content has been written. The content has been written with an intention to provide you the best solution to manage your anxiety. Yes, I am talking about “Anxiety” you are facing every day in your life. Actually anxiety arises from your mind and also solution of anxiety is hidden in your mind.

But you don’t know how to control your mind and the resulting anxiety. In your daily life your mind alters and you become anxious due to various reasons. These reasons may be personal, social, official or even it may arise due to your poor health condition. Whatever the reasons are, anxiety sufferers face a lot of troubles in their life. Sufferers may lose their mental peace and happiness due to anxiety. The mental unrest due to anxiety hampers their normal life. They become irritated with a simple change of environment around them. Even at favorable environment they suffer greatly from their fear.

Anxiety: Knowingly or Unknowingly Everybody Suffers in Their Life Anxiety is a commonly uttered word which represents an uncomfortable mental state. Our mind alters with time, with sudden environmental changes. But in case of anxious population, their minds alter rapidly with anticipated environmental change and the effect is detrimental. Anxiety is accompanied by tenseness, feeling of fear and perturbing. People facing anxiety have unpleasant feelings of fear over anticipated events such as they are going to die or they feel something bad is going to be happened.

As a result they pass most of their time by worrying. Even when they are in a favorable environment, they don’t feel safe. As time goes by the severity of anxiety increases and it simply destroys their personal life. They can’t focus on their important works and their working performance reduces. They start losing the power of differentiating importance of works they have to perform. The worst thing is that they can’t sleep well which affects their health badly. A certain amount of sleeping is a must for good mental and physical health and anxiety is your worst enemy which hampers your sound sleep. The terms anxiety and fear are different. People may think they are facing fear of something without knowing that they are suffering from anxiety. So it is better to have a clear understanding about these two terms. Anxiety is a mental state that arises from anticipation whereas fear is a mental response from real threat. For example, people may think that they are going to face an accident during traveling.

This anticipation brings the anxious condition of mind. But when they experience a real accident, the mental response at that time is fear. Anxiety is associated with restlessness, muscular tension, tiredness and difficulties in concentrating. In several individuals overreaction can also be seen. These people are easily irritated and they show reaction over sudden mental changes. Most of the time a person suffering from anxiety also suffers from depression. Depression is a psychological state in which people suffer from sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness. It has been found that half of the diagnosed anxiety population suffer from depression.

Anxiety is truly uncomfortable and when someone faces it too much and it continues for a longer period then it turns into anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder requires immediate medical attention and long-term treatment. In this case that person has to take anxiolytic medications which have many side effects. So it is the best approach to control your anxiety at the time of its initiation. By knowing the underlying causes of anxiety and with appropriate meditation practices, it is possible to live an anxiety-free life. Actually it is hard to find people without anxiety. Anxiety is not a mental weakness but it has the ability to make people weak. Most of the anxiety sufferers have lack of confidence. It makes them suffer mentally, physically, socially and financially. Effects of Anxiety on Your Mind and BodyThere are several unwanted effects of anxiety on your mind and body. It not only hampers your mental health but also has bad effects in your body. But it is really unfortunate that we don’t give proper attention to anxiety. Someone suffering from anxiety faces continuous fear and dread. With time its intensity increases by folds and it dominates their normal thinking. It hampers their daily works and social interactions. People suffering from anxiety face panic during their working hour. They can’t concentrate on their work and in this way easy tasks appear as tough. After completion of their working hours they find poor working output. This is the reason why employer prefer jolly worker than nervous and worried employee.

Anxiety makes people easily irritable; their confidence level reduces and they have poor interpersonal relationship. That is why an anxious person suffers from loneliness. Chronic anxiety hampers the daily activities and interferes with the appetite. Anxious person has poor appetite compared to a jolly person. Gradually anxious people lose their taste. As a result their bodies don’t get sufficient nutrient and their health deteriorates. It is most common that anxiety sufferers lose their weight and their muscle development is hindered. Their brain does not get sufficient nutrition supply which results in poor mental performance. Most of the anxiety sufferers experience trouble in sleeping. Their sleep cycle is incomplete. To perform daily activities properly, every person should have at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. But the anxious people can’t sleep adequately which greatly hampers their quality of life. Every morning they wake up from their bed with a feeling of weakness. Simple Solution for Anxiety: Anxiety arises in your mind and the solution is also present there. If you can control your mind then you will get relief from anxiety. Meditation is the best way to control your mind with less effort and without using any medicines. Just your willingness and patience can make your life free from anxiety. Even If you feel then you may consult with your psychiatrist for better result.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Redwan Shakir is a registered pharmacist with extensive experience market research, technology transfer, dossier preparation, development of generic molecules and scientific journal publications

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