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Ayurvedic Medicine and Weight Loss

In trying to lose weight, many of us fall into the trap of eating plain, bland food such as steamed chicken or fish with salad, skipping all the wide variety of flavors that can come from herbs and spices. Guess what? You can actually lose weight more easily by adding on certain herbs to your meals or as supplements due to their metabolic properties.

In Ayurvedic healing, the mixture of fenugreek, radish (Raphanus sativus) and lemon is believed to be the recipe for weight loss. As mentioned previously, fenugreek helps with carbohydrate digestion, by slowing down the process and also helps to prevent diabetes. While radish extract is so valuable for treating constipation that a patent exists regarding its use for the condition.

On the other hand, lemon, the common citrus fruit in everyone’s kitchen, is packed with eriocitrin that has a fat-lowering effect in the body. So the next time you’re preparing a healthy meal, it might be wise to cut up some fenugreek and radish for a salad, and squeeze some lemon for the flavor and fat burning effect.

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