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Be fit and be confident!

“I could feel my anger dissipating as the miles went by--you can't run and stay mad!” - Kathrine Switzer

Everyone tells you how a good physique contributes to an increase in confidence, how a healthy body results in a healthy mind. For many, achieving that ideal is a mammoth task in itself. How do you drag yourself out of bed for that intimidating morning run day in day out for a goal that is so distant? How do you keep up the motivation?

For many strong-willed women and men, the drive to be in the best of shapes is strong enough. For others, I’ll suggest a more tangible goal, a more achievable target. Run, not because you want to have a leaner body two or three months from now; run, because you want to have a happier day!

Yes, a daily session of exercise is the toll you need to pay to be upbeat for the rest of your day; it keeps you active, it keeps you positive, and that makes those 20 minutes of toil absolutely worth it! The same can be argued for a healthier diet.

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