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Career Advice: The Differences Between HR Interview and Hiring Manager Interview

To increase your hiring potential, it's best to know the difference between an HR interview and a hiring manager interview. We only think that their questions are the same, apparently they have different set of questions to the interviewee.

Typically, an HR looks at how a candidate will fit into the organization, while the hiring manager is more concerned on how an individual fit into a specific role or position. Among those two, the hiring manager has the last say on the final decision on who to hire. The first step on your job application is your resume. This is what an HR will look for during their interview. It is important to make sure that your resume tailor fits the job as they will do the resume screening. Once HR gets through the screening process, it is time for your resume to be handed over to a hiring manager. Hiring manager, on the other hand, will look into what you have done, and how capable you are doing a specific role. So be prepared. Know what a hiring manager needs and what an HR will look for and sooner or later, you'll get landed to the dream job you've been aiming for.

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