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Fitness Tips: Signs Of An Unhealthy Habit

Staying in good shape is the dream of every individual, but as they say, “excess of everything is bad”, you should not go overboard. According to most fitness experts, working out three to four times per week is good for beginners. Make sure you are not obsessed with your fitness goals.

To help you stay on the track, below are a 7 signs that you have an unhealthy habit. • You train even when you are tired or injured • You work out many times each day • You are obsessed about tiny details about training • When you fail to do your routine exercise, you feel angry or agitated. • You avoid or cancel social activities to hit the gym • When you are unable to exercise, you have feelings of guilt or too much anxiety • Your happiness depends on the productivity of your workout If you have most of these signs, make sure you review your lifestyle and find out ways to distract yourself from your excessively strict workout routine.

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