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Getting Started With Meditation

Meditation can be a powerful tool for calming and recharging your body and mind. That said, one of the more common challenges associated with meditation is the ability for one to clear their mind.

For the untrained person, it’s difficult to simply close one’s eyes and not see their daily schedule or to-do list crossing their mind. It’s essential to have an absolutely clear mind when during meditation. A clear mind is necessary if you intend on gaining all of the benefits of relaxing and refreshing meditation. You can start by following these tips: Choose a silent, calm place. Make sure that your phone is switched off and make sure no one will disturb you. Your meditation place should be comfortable and of neutral temperature. In this way, you can mitigate external distractions. When it comes to internal distractions, you should be prepared in knowing that clearing your mind requires practice and persistence. The clearing of one’s mind is a process and it contains differing components. Sometimes the key is focusing on the process itself. Sit in a comfortable but stable position which doesn’t harden your breathing in any way.

Start to breathe in and out slowly. Try to establish the same rhythm when you inhale and exhale. You can count the seconds of each breath. Imagine the way the air you inhale is traveling – from your nostrils through your nose to your lungs, and then out. Focus on the process of breathing and relax your mind of complex thoughts. If you start your meditation in this manner, you increase your chances of having a calming meditative experience free of scattered thoughts.

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