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Handling Finances in Marriage

Are you recently married that you have no clue how to handle financial matters in your marriage? To be very honest, there is no perfect solution on how to handle money when it comes to married people. Everyone is in a different circumstance, thus, it all boils down to what you have agreed upon prior to marriage.

It’s better to plan how you are going to handle the joint finances to avoid stress and arguments along the way. You don’t want to strain your relationship just because you two failed to talk about your finances before getting married. Be honest with your spouse and figure out a plan on how to make it work. Who will be the one in charge paying the utilities? How about food? Will there be enough money to spend on occasional dinner dates and probably a trip abroad? If so, how can you budget your money to be able to afford all your needs? This case applies to those working parents who are earning a regular salary. But if one parent decided to stay at home and take care of the kids, the couple must evaluate how the finances will be spent, especially if there are kids involved. Money and marriage might not be the perfect combination; but you can always work around it to make it work, especially if you want a blissful life with the rest of your family.

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