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How Do Trees Help Our Environment?

How do trees play their role in making our environment better? We all hear a lot that plants and trees should not be cut down unnecessary and that they play a great role in our lives. But we need to understand how they are so beneficial in order to encourage each other to plan more trees. Let’s take a look at how trees can help our environment.

Trees inhale carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen that becomes part of our environment. According to experts, a fully-grown tree can turn around 48 pounds of CO2 into oxygen that is enough for two people to stay alive. Trees help cut down on the ozone levels resulting milder temperatures and better air quality. The roots of a tree keep the soil around it from washing away. Besides, a tree with a wide canopy doesn’t let the rain drops fall directly on the ground, which prevents erosion considerably. Trees can help you reduce your air conditioning and heating costs if you plant them around your home, as they can absorb heat and prevent cold air from getting into your rooms. Trees offer a natural ecosystem for a lot of animals and other creatures. In fact, trees help save a lot of rare species. So, you can see trees play a great role in keeping our beautiful environment healthy. They don’t just add color to our surroundings. They are lifesavers.

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