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How Meditation Can Curb Anxiety

Meditation is the best way through which people can train their mind. With this practice you will get the ability to control your mind. You may be in doubt about thinking the possibility of controlling your mind. But it is really possible, many people like you has done it successfully by practicing meditation. The results depend on your concentration and your regular practice.

This term meditation also refers to a wide range of practices intended for relaxation, to boost up internal energy, to develop kindness, tolerance, affection, forgiveness and to develop many other virtues which are essential in a person’s life. You may think these are the inherent property of human. But this is not true. With your wish and thinking you can attain these. For example you feel natural affection for your family members.

But do you feel the same affection to your office colleagues? Just imagine if you attain the power to love your colleagues like your family member then you will get the same response from them. Day by day your working environment will be improved and someday you won’t feel bored to go to office. So to develop this affection you should meditate. In different aspects, the word meditation has different meanings. Meditation has been practiced as a component of different religious traditions. It is present in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Judaism. In every religious tradition meditation was performed to get inner peace and get the power to control mind. By practicing regular meditation they attained their mental peace and a feeling of happiness. Then why can’t you get these in yourself? Just practice meditation and get its beneficial effects. Usually meditation is performed by sitting and closing eyes. Supine and standing postures can also be used. There are several ways of meditation which are commonly referred to as meditative practices. At the time of beginning I prefer the sitting position. With regular practice a person will get the ability to practice meditation even at a noisy place. With daily practice you can divert your mind within few minutes.

The effectiveness is solely depends on regular practice. I am giving one example which will encourage you to meditate. One day at your office you could face a big trouble. At that time if you can meditate for few minutes by sitting on your desk, you will get power to control yourself. You will make the decision perfectly and you will get the best solution of your trouble. This is true from many successful professionals and I have written this according to their comments. To make your mind calm and peaceful is the purpose of meditation. When your mind is in a peaceful state, you won’t face anxiety and other mental discomforts. I am giving one practical example. When you arrive from office at home and your child comes to you and give you a hug, at that moment you forget all of your stresses. But this situation doesn’t persist as your mind soon moves away from that environment and you start thinking about various issues. As a result again you become anxious. So the solution to manage anxiety is to sustain your happiness. To bring your mental happiness you must practice meditation to get the best result. Someone may say this is nothing but pretending to be happy. To get rid of anxiety, first you need to control your mind. By practicing meditation you can bring peace in your mind which will give you the ability to control your mind in difficult circumstances. Slowly you will get a balanced mind that is free from anxiety and happy all the time. You have to practice meditation regularly to control your mind. In this way you will get the permanent inner peace and will get a life free from anxiety. At that stage you may not have everything you want, but you won’t feel the unrest and unhappiness like before. Best Schedule for MeditationNow you should have the interest to know how long and how many times you would meditate in a day. My recommendation is for practicing in two sessions of 20 minutes each. Meditating twice in a day is really effective in controlling your mind. The preferred time is in the morning and at night. During these two periods you will get quiet environment. Performing meditation in the morning will enable you to get a fresh mind to start your day.

It will keep your mind quiet and you will be able to pass your busy day happily. Performing meditation at night will make you relaxed and will relief your mind from the stresses you have faced that day. It will also help you to get a better sleep at night and you will wake up in the morning without any stress and you will feel re-energized.

I am suggesting the meditation duration for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is sufficient for each session and this won’t cost too much of your time. You can easily arrange 20 minutes in the morning and it is also not difficult for you to spare another 20 minutes at night. By spending 40 minutes of time in a day you will get relief from your anxiety and will get the inner peace. Even you perform your meditation once in a day for 20 minutes, it will bring beneficial effect. I prefer two sessions for best results. Meditation is an on-going practice and your concentration level will increase day by day. When you will feel that you are getting benefits from meditation and your concentration level has increased. Then you can increase the frequency and duration of meditation and you can perform three or four meditation sessions of 20 minutes each. Even you can increase the duration from 20 minutes to 40 minutes in a session. All depends on your flexibility and the benefits you are getting.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Redwan Shakir is a registered pharmacist with extensive experience market research, technology transfer, dossier preparation, development of generic molecules and scientific journal publications

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