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How to be Happy in 2018

Do you want to make 2018 happy and healthy year for you? According to Medical News Today, the following tips can help you enjoy a healthier life. Let’s go ahead and check out the tips.

1. Be more active According to many research studies, being more active can help you prevent depression in addition to maintain fitness. Only one hour of exercise in seven days is enough to help you prevent mood disorders, says researchers at Black Dog Institute of Australia. 2. Get enough sleep Getting a good night’s sleep is good for your mind and body. According to experts, sleep is important for fear learning, memory consolidation and keeping your mind at peace. 3. Opt for a happy diet What your eat has either a positive or negative impact on your mood. According to a research study in PLOS online argued that you can improve your mental health in just 15 days if you eat fruits and vegetables.

4. Get out More If you want to keep healthy, get out more and spend time with your friends. If no friends are around, spend time with nature. According to a study, green spaces are good for a positive mood change. 5. Be kind to others For a sense of well-being and fulfillment, you should learn to be kind to others as well as yourself. Moreover, you should learn to embrace your negative emotions to lessen your risk of falling sick. Instead of developing negative thoughts all the time, your should learn to practice self-care and self-love. Struggling to be happy? Try out the tips above to change your life for the better.

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