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How to Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Health-related Goals

One of the most important factors to success for your health-related goals involves accountability. You can have the most ambitious goals for yourself in 2019, but without accountability, how are you going to make sure you do what it takes to get there? That is one question more of us need to be aware of when dedicating ourselves to our goals. That said, there are several ways in which we can hold ourselves accountable if nobody else is there to do it for us.

Here are a few ways in which we can hold ourselves accountable for our health-related goals.

Make a Plan

Before you dedicate yourself to a lifestyle change, you’ll need a plan of execution. For many of us, this includes creating a refined diet and/or exercise program. Having these plans in place not only create a direct path to success, but it also involves a fair bit of work to have organized. Having done this work will discourage you from scrapping it altogether, and it creates direction for you to follow when dedicating yourself to your goals.

Set a Date

Once you have your plan in place, you can then set a date on your calendar as to when you will start executing your plan. Try not to put your date too far out as you may feel less motivated to begin the further your starting date is out. Once you’ve selected a date on your calendar to begin, tell your friends and family about it. After the word is out, you’ll really need to follow through with your plan of action.

Tell Your Social Circle

After initially telling your social circle about your starting date for your new lifestyle change, keep them updated with how you’re doing. You don’t need to spam social media with your progress, but rather, give your social circle an insight of the entire process. This includes the challenges you face and how you overcome them. This gives your friends and family a realistic insight to your health-related goals and holds you accountable to keep on at it.

These are just a few ways in which you can hold yourself accountable to your health-related goals. Keep in mind the bigger picture: you’re aiming to continue your healthy habits any way possible. If it helps to devise new ways to hold yourself accountable, so be it. Just know that progress can be addicting, and you may have less trouble holding yourself accountable over time. What kinds of ways do you hold yourself accountable for your newer and healthier lifestyle choices? Let me know in the comments below.

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