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How to Maintain Healthy Skin Over Time

If you haven’t put much thought into skin care, think again! Our skin is the most significant defensive factor against infection in our bodies. By maintaining healthy skin, we fortify our defense against infectious threats from our surrounding environment. That’s why it’s so important for us to nurture ourselves in this sense. By combining a set of maintenance measures, as well as preventative measures, we can promote healthier skin and a healthier future. Here are a few ways in which we can maintain healthy skin over time.

Be Gentle

To be hygienic is generally applauded, so long as you’re gentle with your skin. You’ll find that by taking frequent showers or longer baths, your skin tends to suffer. In order to treat your skin a bit more gently, try to avoid stronger soaps and opt for more gentler, scentless soaps. Once you’re done bathing, avoid dragging your towel across your skin. Instead, pat yourself dry gently. You’ll want to moisturize your skin shortly after drying. Aim to use a gentle and rehydrating lotion.

Don’t Smoke

As you may be aware, smoking in general is just not healthy. Not only is it bad for your lungs, but it’s bad for your skin too. That’s because smoking can prematurely age your skin by narrowing down the blood vessels in your skin. This causes a wrinkled, weathered, and more rigid appearance. That said, it’s not just about appearance. Narrowed down blood vessels in your skin also makes it more difficult to retain oxygen and essential nutrients in your skin.

Sun Protection

Sunburn is only one symptom of not properly caring for your skin under the sun. If left unattended, you can acquire a lifetime of problems from sun exposure ranging from wrinkling to more serious issues such as skin cancer. In order to take preventative measures, be sure to apply sunscreen. Generally speaking, SPF 15 or higher is a safe way to go. Re-apply when necessary and do so more often when swimming or sweating.


This one goes without saying. By nourishing your body with essential minerals and nutrients, your skin can look and feel healthier than ever. You can do so by incorporating more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains into your diet. Couple your refined diet with a healthy amount of hydration and you have a recipe for healthier skin.

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