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How to Stay Healthy for Summer

As Summer awaits just around the corner of our calendars, it’s time we start thinking about our health during the sunniest of seasons! Summer can be one of the more enjoyable seasons to partake in when it comes to staying healthy and in shape, so there’s really no excuse. The possibilities are endless when it comes to taking advantage of the warm weather. That being said, there are more ways than one when it comes to staying healthy during the sunny season.

Here are a few ways in which you can enjoy a happier and healthier Summer!

Swim and Stay Fit

Sunny weather opens the opportunity for us to spend more time in the water! As you may well know, there are several ways in which we can stay fit by simply swimming. A few laps in the pool goes a long way, mainly because you utilize your entire body to carry yourself across the water. There are so many amazing things you can do in the water to stay fit, from treading water to going all out surfing, it’s entirely up to you!

Protect Your Skin

More time in the sun means more exposure to ultraviolet rays. That means you’ll need to be a bit more mindful as to how long you’re staying in the sun, and how you’re protecting your skin. Generally speaking, SPF sunscreen of 30 or higher tend to protect you from the majority of UV rays. Apply liberally before spending time outdoors, and make sure to reapply if you’re swimming or sweating excessively.

Pick Up an Outdoor Hobby

The Summer season provides a perfect environment for picking up new hobbies. Most recently, I’ve started hiking on weekends. The time away from the city allows me to really appreciate the outdoors. I’d say it’s not just physically healing, but mentally healing as well as I am able to appreciate nature in a stress-free environment. There are several other outdoor activities you can partake in, the idea is to incorporate a physically challenging hobby into your weekly routine.

With every Summer season, there comes new opportunities for us to achieve a healthier lifestyle. This Summer is no exception to the rule. Think outside of the box and try something you’ve never done before! There’s really no better time to do it. You can’t go wrong by investing your time in your healthier lifestyle. What kinds of activities do you like to do during the Summer to improve your overall health and wellness? Let us know in the comments below!

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