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How to Use Your Friday: Career Advice

The best day to draw the balance line between what you want and what you have achieved is Friday. It is at the end of the working week and you still have time to reconsider your attitude during the weekend.

The aim of this is to reevaluate your strengths and your motivation and to build and improved strategy for using them. There is no benefit from punishing yourself or blaming. What to pay attention to when reevaluating:

  • Which are my strengths that led me to my successes this week?

  • What have I learned from my success story this week?

  • Did I add something to my skill and knowledge this week which helped me to succeed?

  • Should I pay further attention to work for development for any of my skills next week?

  • What was that thing that I didn’t manage to use right this week?

  • Did I eat well and relax when needed this week?

  • What is my next goal?

To make a fair estimation of the week it would be better your body and mind to be in a relaxing well-known place. The perfect place is outdoors – a garden, park, etc. You should be free of pressure, your balance should be conformed to reality and not to your expectations or desire for high performance. This is a tool for developing your qualities.

As a borderline between working and spare time, Friday is also a good day for reevaluating your personal priorities. Not one of us has enough time for everything we love. We all have to decide where we will spend most of the hours and why. Take your time to think about what really makes you happy and where you will invest your time next week. And of course – have a spectacular Friday!

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