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How to Use Your Tuesday: Career Advice

If we consider Monday as a day for body reinforcement, Tuesday can be considered for improving your overall spirit. Tuesday is perfect for creating a positive mindset, to free yourself of fear and limits and to achieve all that you are capable of.

There are many articles about positive thinking and most of them leave the impression that you just have to change your thoughts - but it’s not that simple. Positive thinking is not just bunch of motivational quotes or getting used to new habits like smiling at other people or telling yourself in the mirror “You can do it”. Positive thinking is a state of mind which is consciously built. Accepting what we can and cannot control and take our chances with no fear is something we gain on our way to personal growth. Once we have set our mind to a positive attitude we can unleash our potential. We can reinforce our mindset by practicing positive thinking every day: Start your day with gratitude. Take your time, don’t belittle anything and think about how each of these things make you feel. Life is a gift, try to enjoy it. Think about something you like about yourself. It could be physical, part of your personality, or something you have done. Try something different every morning.

Show empathy to someone. Listen to someone’s story, try to understand their personality, point of view, motives, and drive. Understanding people, seeing their similarities, and accepting them will help you to accept and understand yourself better. Make healthy choices. Have a healthy breakfast, go for a run, or just skip the added sugar in your menu. Invest in yourself. Your health is the most important asset you have. Try to clean your everyday speech of any negative phrases. Your language determines your thoughts. Take care of what you say as you would take care of the soil need to plant a flower. If you aspire consistently to have a positive mindset, you will be the best version of yourself!

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