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How to Use Your Wednesday: Career Advice

A creative mind is a lively mind. Finding new connections, creating new paths to your goals, and searching for simpler solutions are all things that provide for a great workout for your mind. The most beneficial feature of creativity is that it fuels you. If you start to practice creative activities once, you’ll get more and more creative and will invent more practices. Wednesday is a good day to start your creativity boost.

Creativity is a complicated process. Some of the most creative people on the planet say that creativity is not innovation – it the act of perceiving existing concepts and connecting them in different ways. Dream, imagine, fantasize. Ask yourself questions. What will happen if you change the processes of things you already know? For example, when you drive to your workplace, try to think about what can be done to decrease traffic. Don’t be afraid to think. Try to imagine a little change in one process and then rebuild it in your mind. Focus on something you like to do – it can be a part of your job or (a hobby) and consistently make an effort to find positive changes.

Learn to explain processes out loud. Verbalization of ideas makes them clearer and complete – it also makes their weaker parts clearer. Explaining is also a creative skill which strengthens the ability to make new connections and to come up with new ideas. Regular practice of explanation helps to create constructive thinking and improves social skills. Explore new things. Make a habit of reading/listen/visiting something new every week. Open your mind for the unknown and free your curiosity to observe it. Creativity is fed by new experiences and curiosity. Challenge your brain with the unknown. Practice outdoor activities. Nature is the most relaxing environment you can provide. Quality relaxation and change of scenery will recharge your mind with new and creative ideas. Creativity is spontaneous but it could not exist under the right conditions.

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