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How To Work Out In Cold Weather And Prevent Frostbite

You can work out in cold weather, but it may feel a lot like a slog. In fact, when it’s cold outside, your muscles have to struggle to do the same tasks that they can do easily in warm weather.

The cold air constricts the arteries slowing down the blood circulation so your heart needs more oxygen to keep you warm, according to the Cooper Heart Institute. To be on the safe side, below are a few tips to work out in cold weather. LAYER UP Before you get out, put on a few layers of clothing to keep warm. This will warm up your body after a 5-minute warm-up and you may even feel the need to remove a layer to continue the workout. WARM UP Cold weather makes your joints stiffer, which requires you to do longer warm-ups. If you choose to warm-up inside, opt for dynamic stretches. Another option is to do mini versions of the exercises that you want to do outside. STAY HYDRATED Since cold air is dry, make sure you keep yourself hydrated during the cold weather. For short workouts, water is fine. But if you want to go longer (more than an hour), experts suggest that you go for an electrolyte or carbohydrate drink.

BE MINDFUL OF WEATHER You need to watch out for the wind chill to avoid the risk of frostbite. Even though the risk of frostbite is minimal, usually lower than 5%, when the temperature outside is over 5 degrees, but you don’t want to take the risk. So, make sure you are well covered. Get inside immediately if you feel numbness or tingling in your toes or hands. Use these tips and stay safe!

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