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How Too Much Salt Can Hurt Your Brain

For many years, salt has been considered one of the leading factors that may lead to high blood pressure. The latest research suggests that eating a diet with too much salt may have a negative impact on your brain as well.

The latest study involved mice. The mice showed signs of memory and thinking problems when they were a diet containing high amount of salt. If humans eat a diet with too much salt, they may have disorientation, memory problems and they may not be able to cook, dress, pay bills or perform routine chores, researchers concluded. Generally, people don’t talk about salt consumption unless they have hypertension. But the new study raised a lot of questions about our salt intake. According to Dr. Costantino Ladecola, many studies have shown people who have a lot of salt in their diet are more likely to have dementia and strokes. And these surveys were done in a state where the people consumed more salt than people in other states. However, the good news is that the negative effects of salt can be reversible if you reduce salt intake. So, it’s something that you can control.

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