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Indoor Fitness Activities That Don’t Require Any Equipment

Now that it’s officially Winter, many of us are seeing less opportunities to work out outdoors, and some of us even find ourselves unable to even travel so far as the gym. That’s okay! In this day and age, there are several alternatives we can do within the comfort of our own home to achieve our required daily levels of physical activity. If you have home workout equipment, more power to you. Just note that it’s not a requirement if you’re still hoping to get in a decent workout.

Here are a few fitness activities you can do at home that don’t require any workout equipment.

Jumping jacks, high knees, and lunges circuit

If you’re looking to elevate your heart rate and maintain it, this circuit may be for you. You can distribute each exercise as you see fit, but the idea here is to maintain an elevated heart rate to improve your overall resting heart rate. Focus on form and keep your resting periods below two minutes. You’ll be surprised how quickly this circuit gets you winded. For a better understanding of proper form, feel free to check out a YouTube video or two.

Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing is a great way to fit in a cardio workout within the confines of your own home while improving your ability to defend yourself. You can devise an organized routine for your shadow boxing, or you can work your punching/kicking combinations on the fly. The idea here is to exercise proper technique and focus on staying active with footwork/striking in 3-5 minute rounds.

Push-ups and ab work

Push-ups serve as a great work to recruit several muscle groups into your workout, to focus on the muscle building aspects. If you’re having trouble performing a proper push-up, you can always perform them with your knees touching the ground. Ab work can vary, and you can mix and match exercises such as bicycle kicks, planks, leg raises, and more. Focus on contracting your muscles thoroughly for each exercise.

Standing jumps and burpees

To fulfill your ability to perform explosive movements, standing jumps serve as a great way to do so. Simply stand in place and jump as high as you can. Be careful with your landing, you don’t want to land with straight legs. Once you’ve performed your standing jump, transition to a burpee (again, YouTube serves as a great source for demonstration). Rinse and repeat to gain the most out of this exercise.

Take note that these are just a few of the endless exercises you can perform at home. Feel free to get creative with your workout, that’ll help keep things interesting in the long run. Don’t forget to feed yourself adequately following your workout, and try not to knock anything over. There’s really no reason you can’t get in a good workout at home, so don’t let that be an excuse to stop you from doing so. What other exercises do you like to do at home? I’d love to know!

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