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Managing Your Cough Through the Winter Season

Has your cough been sticking around longer than expected? Unfortunately, mine has been too!

Here are a few ways of managing that pesky cough to help you get on with your day: Warm Liquids Yes, mom was right. Warm liquids (chicken soup anyone?) help relax your throat/airways. Tea with honey make for great discomfort relief as well for sore throat symptoms! Avoid Caffeine I know, I know, never come between you and your caffeine...right? Haha, I know that feeling! BUT, as you may know caffeine is a natural diuretic...and we don’t want to be losing hydration when we’re sick! Stay Hydrated Avoiding caffeine and staying hydrated should go hand in hand. Regularly drinking fluids helps deal with postnasal drip (a common symptom or cause of cough) and thins the mucus that results from colds and/or the flu. Take Steamy Showers, Use Humidifiers The hot steam helps loosen all those nasty secretions in the nose. Steamy showers = better breathing!

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