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Meditation: How to Get Started

Meditation is an art form that begins with your body. Once you tame your body, your mind will follow.

First, you’ll need to find a nice quiet space where you can sit with no distractions. Sit on a surface that allows you to align your spine, neck, and head vertically. Close your eyes and visualize your muscular architecture. Relax every single muscle group (except for you back, neck, and head) gradually.

After comprehensively relaxing your musculature, you can begin centering your attention on your breathing. Your breathing needs to come from your diaphragm, so adjust accordingly. Now relax your breathing until you reach a consistent tempo. Next, focus on your thoughts. Your goal is to identify one thought (out of many) and concentrate on that thought devoid of all others. Do not let that thought invoke any emotional, active, or contemplative responses. Once you’re able to do so, you’ve effectively reached a higher state of consciousness.

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