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Practicing a Healthy Financial Lifestyle

Time management is as important as earning income. A healthier personal budget reduces stress and is essential for our overall health in general. The following tips can help you gain more value for your dollar.

1. Draft your monthly spending plan. Once you have a clear cut record of your spending and remaining budget, you’ll be much more capable of managing your funds efficiently. For example, if you eat out every day for $6.50/meal without keeping a record of your spending, it’s hard to imagine these meals adding up to about $200 per month. If you have a clear record of these costs, you can at least consider using the extra $200 for something else. 2. Cheaper Alternatives. Instead of meeting your friends in your fanciest local restaurant, consider inviting your friends over for a delicious home-cooked meal. Outdoor activities – picnics, badminton, football, etc. are cheaper alternative activities and are rewarding in their own unique way. Planning for a vacation? Plan ahead of time and find the best offers and deals. Remember, last minute vacations are the most expensive ones! 3. Save 10% of your income every month. Saving money gives confidence. You’ll be better prepared for unexpected circumstances and you’ll be that much more independent with solid savings. Let’s not forget – saving money will also improve your discipline. All things considered, try to remember one thing: we work for money but money has to work for us!

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