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Quitting Coffee: A Few Healthy Alternatives

Just how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? Can you survive a day without coffee? If you think you’re coffee addiction is getting out of hand, it’s probably about time to look for healthier alternatives.

1. Coconut Water Coconut water is filled with rehydrating electrolytes that keep you energized after a workout. At the same time, it tastes naturally sweet and rich in bioactive enzymes. It’s better to drink fresh coconut juice rather than buying those in cans. 2. Tea Teas do have caffeine but they have various benefits for your health. You can enjoy it hot or cold depending on your preference. You can bring a tumbler with you at work to keep you from getting a warm cup of coffee. Teas can make you feel relaxed, especially if you’re having a bad day at work. 3. Water This shouldn’t really be an alternative, but it’s a reminder to keep you hydrated with water during the day. You should really be drink 8 glasses of water to keep you healthy and remove the toxins out of your body. Instead of grabbing a fizzy drink or your iced coffee, drink water to keep you focused and less tired. Of course, you can still have coffee from time to time. But if you’re leaning to a much healthier you this year, try to look for other varieties that can help get rid of your coffee addiction.

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