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Social Lifestyle: Where to Meet New People

There’s an abundance of outlets and opportunities for us to get out and meet new people. Generally, the best locations for us to meet new people are places that lead to organic conversation (you and your peer share a reason for being there), have the same people visiting more than once, have an influx of new people, and are relevant to your personal interests and hobbies.

If you’re still having trouble coming up with a list of places to meet new folks, consider the following:

Sports Join a sports team. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people who you’ll be seeing on a regular basis. Improve your overall health while you expand your social life. The Gym Speaking of overall health, the gym is the perfect place for you to achieve your fitness goals and mingle. The gym features a group of regulars with an influx of new faces now and then. Just make sure you’re not impeding on anyone’s workout while you chit chat and all will be just fine!

Volunteer Work Volunteer for an organization that you have a special interest in. Community service makes for one of the friendlier gatherings. Social Clubs Social clubs create an environment for you and your peers to feel comfortable. Everyone’s there for the same reason. Ice breaking comes easier and organic conversation is inevitable. Academic Settings Ice breaking also comes easy in an academic setting. There’s plenty to talk about (relating to your class), but academic settings also give you the opportunity to connect with people outside of the classroom. Conventions Conventions are great for meeting new and interesting characters who share the same special interests as you. Check out your nearest convention and you’re bound to be introduced to someone worth meeting.

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