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Spending Money the Smart Way

In the realm of spending, necessities and desires are two elements that are constantly clashing with each other. Necessities make themselves absolute and unquestionable. You need to eat. You need shelter. You need health care… but you want a new pea coat for the Winter ball. You want concert tickets, even though the concert falls on a work night. You want a new Corvette (in jet black).

Your desires have a sneaky way of sliding into your priorities list. When you want something badly enough, you tend to trick yourself into thinking it’s a need. You could make a case for buying that new $500 pea coat because it’s Winter, you need to stay warm to protect yourself from the elements. Right? Well, the only problem with that reasoning is, you can protect yourself from the elements at a fraction of the price. If you want to be a smart spender, all you need to do is exercise a little self-control. Differentiate your needs from your wants and your financials will thank you for it in the long run.

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