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Sunday: Recuperate and Meditate for a Fresh Start

“Easy like Sunday morning” - who wouldn’t like that? Sunday mornings are not only the perfect time to chill, it is time you can use to make your week easier. You can try to start practicing weekly meditation.

With meditation, you will train your brain to decrease the “mind-wandering”. Mind-wandering is a state of mind related to anxiety and depression, in which you can experience “hopping” from one thought to another, worrying about the past and the future. Meditation helps the mind dial it down and focus. Meditation is also a way of training the mind to increase awareness. You can try different approaches to achieve different states of mind. Meditation can be used for improving mental and physical health, calming anxiety, motivation, weight loss, and many others. Sunday is a great day to use meditation to clean up the worrying thoughts from the past week and to prepare yourself for the next seven days. Learning to meditate is a process of mastering your own mind. You’re not just sitting somewhere in silence, it is mindful awareness. When you start meditating you will be surprised how unruly the human mind is. Don’t try to fight the thoughts that will come and go to your mind – politely lead them off your mind like you will send away unwelcome guests.

If you experience strong emotions, don’t try to silence them, observe the way they are making you feel. What body parts are reacting to the emotions and how. For example – stomachache, sweating, warmness, etc. By succession, you will become better at concentrating and clearing your mind. Weekly meditative practice will prepare you for the challenges of the upcoming week and will reduce anxiety from the past week. After meditating, you’ll have a calm and clear view of your issues, to which you can find the best solutions. With weekly practice, Sunday will become the day when you can experience deep and true relaxation and prepare your mind for a new beginning.

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