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The Effects of Social Media on Teens

As everyone's into posting on Social Media these age, they say that sitting is a new smoking. We are being mindless in clicking our newsfeed, not worrying the time we spent sitting. These made this habit the worst one that can affect us, and teens mostly.

Aside from cyber-bullying and Facebook depression, here's a quick list of studies that shown that social media won't do any good for mental wellness. 1. It's highly addictive - you may seem to neglect your personal life, pre-occupation, mood modification and some personal concealing affects mostly. With more than 7 billion users, it's addictive as it is only one click away. 2. Triggers depression , less well-being - Having online friends doesn't mean that you personally connect with them. Sometimes other's post will trigger depression and hate to yourself as other people pose better than you. Your well-being will be tested without any regards as others will give a mere insult to your personality. 3. Comparing lives with others is mentally unhealthy - One of the reasons why people became mentally and socially isolated is because of their friend's posts which unlikely affects their lives. Gossips will form and some will form envy to others. This is not a good effect when it comes to using social media. 4. It leads to jealousy - envy to others will lead to jealousy, which leads you to post something about it as well. FB alone is an astounding ground of invidious feelings

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