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The Secret to Losing Weight

Burn more calories than you consume. That’s the secret to losing weight.

If you consume more calories than your body needs, you’ll gain weight. So do the opposite. All you need to do is figure out your daily average caloric intake. You can do so by tracking (or estimating accurately) the number of calories you consume each day of the week. Take the average of those figures, and subtract your daily average by 300-500 calories. That number will be your daily limit for calories moving forward. Let’s take a look at Michael’s current diet as an example: Monday: 2,100 Calories consumed Tuesday: 3,000 Calories consume Wednesday: 1,900 Calories consumed Thursday: 3,500 Calories consumed Friday: 3,200 Calories consumed Saturday: 4,100 Calories consumed Sunday: 2,300 Calories consumed

The calculation should look something like this:

2100 3000 1900 3500 3200 4100 +2300 20,100

20,100/7 (7 days per week) = 2,871 Calories average daily caloric intake 2,871 - 300 = 2, 571 Calories for Michael’s new daily limit

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