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These are the reasons why you’ve stopped losing belly fat

Fat loss is one of the most common goals for those involved in physical health and fitness. Whether it be for outer appearance or for health reasons, it’s most certainly not a bad goal to have. The problem many of us encounter, though, is that we’re not always consistent with our progress. Much of this inconsistency can be a result of mistakes we make with our approach to losing fat, and it’s our duty to weed out our mistakes in order to promote consistent progress.

As such, I’ll be pointing out 3 fat loss mistakes most people make when looking to achieve their goals.

Choosing a non-sustainable diet

If you’re looking to lose fat and keep it off your body, you’ll need to make a lifestyle change. This doesn’t mean dieting for ‘x’ amount of time before returning to your old habits. This means adopting a new set of healthier habits to replace the old less healthy habits, for the long run. In order to achieve sustainability with your diet, it’ll need to satisfy your hunger and cravings while helping you achieve your goals. Aim for sustainability, not quick crash course diets.

Not tracking your diet

By practicing a bit of portion control, we can make significant fat loss progress. That said, there will be a point in which our progress stalls and we won’t be losing as much fat as we should be. These plateaus give us reason to pay a little bit closer attention as to how many calories we’re putting into our bodies, and how many were burning off through fitness and exercise. If your fat loss has stalled, consider tracking your calories and macronutrients in order to see surefire results.

Avoiding weight training

Weight training serves as an excellent way to increase your metabolic rate. Not only that, but it helps us to increase our overall lean mass (provided we are dieting properly) and significantly improve our overall body composition. Weight training in tandem with a solid diet promises the best results for your fat loss needs. Though diet is the primary factor in weight loss, it is much more efficient and effective to implement weight training into your routine.

If you can avoid these 3 fat loss mistakes, you’re well on your way to achieving your fitness goals. The key thing to remember here is consistency, you don’t want to have to put in a significant amount of work and effort...only to have your results reversed by not staying consistent. Once you start to see results, the experience will be all the more motivating for you to stick with it and continue making progress in your fitness journey.

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