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Toxic Communities and What to Avoid

Despite the importance of community, one must take care to not be involved in communities that are damaging to his/her wellbeing, as not all communities are free from social issues such as bullying and discrimination.

Among the things that may serve as cues for avoiding a community are: Bullying

Adult bullying does occur and is just as bad as bullying in schools, though the methods may be different. It more often occurs in online communities, where antagonistic members feel less exposed and thus freer to bully others by actions or words.

Discrimination against sex, age, religion or race

When members of a community start discriminating you because of your background, it is time to take action by gently reminding them or leaving the community. Such discrimination can cripple your confidence and wellbeing, and diversity should be embraced, not hated.

Lack of freedom of speech

Democracy has long existed, and should apply not only for national policies, but also everyday lives. All members of a community should be able to express their views, regardless of how unpleasant the views are.

Extreme demands on members

When a community is too demanding of your resources such as time or money, it may be a good idea to step out for a while and rethink your involvement. Communities are meant to nurture your wellbeing by sharing of personal resources, not demanding too heavily on any particular members, which may affect their other aspects of life such as work and family.

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