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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Overall Health

Botanical formulations are not necessarily used to only treat specific diseases or conditions, as there are various plants that can help you with simply improving or maintaining good health.

If you’re even just slightly familiar with Chinese traditions, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of yin and yang, the Chinese philosophical concept describing interdependent opposite or contrary forces in almost all aspects of life. It is believed that when your yin and yang are imbalanced, your health is at risk. One popular overall health prescription in traditional Chinese medicine that is supposed to treat yin yang imbalance is er xian tang (???), being a mixture of common curculigo rhizome, epimedium, angelica root, morinda root, Chinese cypress bark and anemarrhena rhizome. It is traditionally believed that this concoction is able to help with symptoms of yin yang imbalance such as irregular periods, dizziness, and hot flashes and general weakness. In one study, SHT has been shown to also help with the re-shaping of the uterus to its original form, and stimulates ovarian activity for better hormonal balance. It is only one of the various herbal formulations from many cultures for mothers, which must have arisen over the centuries with the notion to give the best care of health for mothers and babies.

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