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What Happens to Your Mind When You Meditate

Meditation is the practice of using techniques that empty your mind of feelings and thoughts so you can relax. Some people also meditate for religious reasons. You may amazed to know what happens to your mind while you meditate. According to experts, here is what happens to 4 parts of your mind during meditation.

Frontal lobe Frontal lobe is the most evolved part of your brain as it allows you to plan, reason, and show self-conscious awareness and emotions. When you meditate, this part of the brain goes offline. Parietal lobe Responsible for processing what is happening around you, parietal lobe is part of the brain that tends to slow down when you sit down and meditate. Thalamus It acts like the watchdog for your senses. When you meditate, this organ helps you concentrate by funneling the data deep inside and hamper the incoming signals. Reticular formation This part of the brain servers as a guard receiving incoming signals and alerting your brain for quick response. When you do meditation, this part of your brain reduces the arousal signal so you can relax. So, this is what happens to your brain when you practice meditation. In a nut shell, all these techniques helps your brain calm down and relax.

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