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What Makes for a Good Listener

Social skills are some of the most important skills we need to develop if we hope to succeed in our professional and personal lives. We all want to be understood and accepted, but this can only happen when others are able and willing to perceive our thoughts and feelings.

That’s why good communication is held in such high regard. The first sign of a good communicator is the ability to listen. Listen to others. Show interest in their stories and don’t judge them unfairly. People will love this kind of acceptance and will be more interested in you and your own stories. When it comes to your stories – make it personal but don’t push the limit. You can gain trust and interest by sharing your hobbies, family stories, or favorite books. If you’re too open about your exhausting divorce, problems at work, or other sensitive topics, you may make others feel uncomfortable. Be yourself, be friendly, but control the information you are giving.

Keep in mind that people perceive more than verbal communication. Crossed arms and legs don’t make the impression that you are friendly or comfortable with your conversation. A hurried speech leaves the impression that you are anxious. These are just two examples of many which should be considered. You can develop better social skills by practicing with a mirror. You can also evaluate the conversations you’ve had on any particular day, and you can always ask for honest feedback from your family and friends. Practice these tips to learn how to be a better communicator.

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