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What Makes for an Ideal Bodybuilding Physique ?

Idealistic physiques are subjective, there’s no doubt about that. What I feel may look good for me may differ what you feel looks good for you. All of this aside, one of the most commonly sought after physiques for males involves a bodybuilding-esque physique. Typically, if you see someone on the streets who has an abnormal amount of muscle mass, we’ll register it in our minds that they must work out and they they must simply lift weights and eat well to attain their physique.

This could not be farther from the truth. The reason being, people who achieve these physiques don’t do it by accident. It takes a calculated approach backed by hard work and effort. So what exactly is it that makes for the ideal physique we speak of? The details are as follows:

Broad Shoulders

Part of what gives the look of a large imposing figure involves large and broad shoulders. Broad shoulders set the tone of a physique, with the main goal being to start from wide, and tapering down to create a ‘V’ shape of sorts. You can increase the overall width of your shoulders by exercising them directly, but the trick here is to give specific portions of our shoulders more attention. Focus on growing the lateral heads of your shoulder and put an emphasis on rear delt work. Don’t forget to support your shoulders by developing your back muscles as well.

Slim Waist

Previously, we mentioned a ‘V’ taper illusion that creates the ideal physique. In order to taper down from a broad set of shoulders, you’ll need to ensure a slimmer waist to complete the illusion. That doesn’t mean you need to wear size 29 pants, that just means you need to comparatively have a slimmer waist when comparing it with your shoulders. That said, there are several ways you can achieve this. First and foremost, have your diet in check so as to reduce the most amount of excess body fat on your stomach area. You can also directly train your abs, focusing on ab muscles that compress your abs inwards.

Muscle Density

A 3-dimensional look to your muscles will help to complete the illusion of your ideal physique. But how exactly does one achieve this look? Much of this has to do with your overall muscle development and your body fat percentage. You don’t need to get down to insanely low body fat percentages in order to enjoy a 3D look to your muscles, you can focus on increasing your overall lean tissue while losing just enough body fat to retain muscle mass and a fuller look. This will take some time to achieve naturally, so please patient with yourself.

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