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Why is it beneficial to work in a startup company?

When you feel tired of sending out your resumes to hundreds of big brand companies and didn't get good results, not even an interview invite, or when you tired coming to work where everyone is on edge, it takes a toll. Or you might feel it's suffocating. Chances are, you're looking for a change that you're being part of. And proud of.

It's like you're gonna be working in an empty office on a Saturday night 'til 3AM, but you know it's actually worth it. You're being part of something great. I know, it's hard. You're learning on your own. You're stepping up. Which you're not really getting in a corporate ladder. You can tell yourself, "Hey! I was there from the start! I helped build it!" From there, you continue to work because you're creating a great legacy, something that you can tell others, this startup will do great, because I'm part of it.

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