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Why it Helps to Think Positive in Social Situations

When you spend time with someone who has an upbeat attitude, you can feel that good energy lighten your own… it’s a great feeling.

That’s because positivity is contagious. People tend to gravitate toward positivity because it makes them feel good, and chances are your forward-looking friends have a strong social web they can rely on. By aligning yourself with positive people, you’re creating a possible exposure to their social network.

It’s not enough to make friends with positive people. Positivity is a choice. Choose to be a more positive person and your social life will noticeably change for the better. When you have a more positive mindset, you can see the good in people (rather than focusing on their flaws) and are more able to openly express your feelings of goodwill.

Keep topics light-hearted and always enter social situations with a clear mind and a favorable attitude. If you can manage that, people are going to gravitate toward you like never before

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