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Why It's Important to Network Effectively

In today’s job market, it pays to have an ever expanding network of communication. Maintaining a healthy business network will lead you to:

  • New business opportunities

  • Positive referrals

  • New contacts

  • Experienced advice

  • Increased confidence

  • Valuable alliances

That said, expanding your network is a task that’s easier said than done. If you’re interested in honing your networking skills, consider the following:

Be genuine in your approach Your new connections aren’t just tools to be used to reach your goal. They’re real people with real personalities. Get to know your new connections. Ask them what inspires them. What are their passions? Listen carefully and offer your answers as well. Networking is so much more enjoyable when you create a stimulating social atmosphere. Attend events From public conventions to virtual gatherings, try attending industry-related events to advance your network. The most memorable relationships are developed in-person so keep that in mind.

Develop your social skills If you feel as though you’re not the best speaker, that’s okay. Develop your social skills by going out and meeting new people. The more you introduce yourself to new faces, the better you’ll get at speaking. It’s a skill acquired through practice, and it gets easier over time. Keep in touch The number one downfall of effective networking is a lack of follow-through. Maintain your positive relationships by keeping in touch with your connections.

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