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Why You Feel Pain After You Exercise

Do you feel paint after a workout session? This can happen to you especially if you never did any workout before or if you never pushed yourself this harder before.

Your muscles may become sore for a day or two after a workout. But don’t panic as this type of muscle stiffness is a normal thing. It won’t last more than two or three days. It fact, it is a sign that you are getting fit. How can you treat muscle soreness? If muscle soreness becomes worse or lasts more than a few days, do the following things to treat the symptoms:

  • Get rest

  • Apply ice packs

  • Take anti-inflammatories

  • Get a massage

If nothing works and the pain becomes unbearable, seek medical attention.

How can I prevent this condition? Make sure you start a new activity gently allowing your muscles enough time to adjust. You can keep doing your routine workouts with sore muscles, but if the pain is just too much, you can rest for a few days and then get back to the gym again.

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