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Why You Should Try Making Friends, Even if You're an Introvert

Are you not so much of a social butterfly? Do you find it difficult to make new friends, especially if you’re exposed to a new environment?

Being an introvert shouldn’t be an excuse for not having a social circle. You can still have friends and meet new people along the way even if you’re an introvert. Don’t shut yourself away from others just because it’s difficult for you to make new friends. You can always get acquainted with other people at your own pace, no matter how long it will take. You may not feel that psyched to mix and jingle with everyone around you, but you’ll eventually realize how fun it is to mingle with people who have the same interests as you. Could you imagine sharing the same hobby with a group of people you haven’t really met and talk about it all day? Try to challenge yourself and go to different social gatherings that interest you. Consider it a friendship goldmine and dare yourself to come up to different people to start a conversation. You might just meet a bestie or two during these social events without you realizing it. You are not alone. You deserve to be happy with the people you love hanging out with, especially if you share the same passion, goal or hobby!

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